Windows 10 top five features according to The Service Corporation

Windows 10 has been around for some time now and is the Windows version that has the fastest adoption rate so far. Over 110 million installations worldwide and over eight million business users has deployed Windows 10. At The Service Corporation we have had users running Windows 10 since the beta versions and these are our favorite new features:

  • Consistent user experience. Technology has finally become powerful enough to be able to run one Windows platform on all devices. The user experience is now consistent no matter what device you use. It doesn’t matter if it´s a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a phone. Use Windows 10 on a desktop PC and you get the start menu and apps in windows. Use it on a tablet and you get a touch enabled interface. Great for all 2-in-1 devices including the coming Lumia 950/950XL phones and Universal Apps will run on them all.

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  • Improved security. Windows 10 is packed with improved security features. Azure Active Directory integration make it possible for some companies to get rid of their internal AD and also improves two-factor logins and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Windows Hello is another feature that use IR-cameras or fingerprint reader for biometric two-factor logins. Credential Guard make use of virtualization technologies to secure login information. User Account Control, Security Auditing and Bitlocker is also improved.
  • Multiple desktops. Multiple desktops have been available for years and years on other platforms but it´s finally made its way to Windows (without 3rd party applications) and it’s working great. A true productivity enhancement.

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  • File management. Full integration with SharePoint and OneDrive make it really easy to manage your files no matter where they are stored. Improved Search make it really easy to find the files when you need it. Use Office 2016 for maximum effect.
  • No new hardware required. Windows 10 runs great on any hardware that can run Windows 7 or later as long as there are device drivers available. But modern hardware obviously improves the flow of the operating system.

All in all, upgrading to Windows 10 improves productivity and security. If you run Windows 7 there are no reason to stay. If you run Windows 8 or 8.1 the improvement is well worth an upgrade, but the differences are not as significant if you disregard the user interface.

Are you upgraded yet?

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Posted on October 29, 2015 in microsoft, windows10

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