TSC launches Simple productivity for 99 SEK/month

Technology and office work just became easier, for everyone.

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Now it is easier to deliver on time with high quality. We at The Service Corporation have always wanted to make sure all organizations and individuals can focus on their core business, their purpose, their raison d’etre. We believe that if an organization or person is allowed to do what one do best, then productivity and result will increase significantly. With less interruption and more time spent on value creating tasks, each individual will not only be more successful, they will also enjoy work more, feel better and be a little happier.

Technology today serves a solution for almost any situation, which is great, but it is also a challenge. Since cloud solutions entered the business world, the number of used (not sanctioned) solutions within a company has increased significantly and created very fragmented environments. The constant change/updates of cloud solutions also presents a challenge for the individual user: How to focus on core when the systems are constantly changing?!

The responsibility are usually (and naturally) put on a already pressured IT-department. The core focus of the IT department should be of more strategic nature, to align solutions with the overall business strategy. Yet, IT has to spend time on individual users who has nowhere else to turn with their issues with apps, or challenges with their company file storage solution. These questions are born because the users cannot keep up with the changes, and are not 100% updated on functions or limitations of the solution.

The Service Corporation is happy to present a solution package that will make it easier to focus on core – for everyone involved.

The TSC Office 365 All Inclusive for includes:

  • License
  • Support online via portal and email 8am-10pm all week
  • Administration of users, groups and resources in Office 365
  • Free training for end users
  • Monthly meetings to optimize business value
    • If you’re not on Office 365 already, then this is also included:
    • Inventory check of existing solution
    • Mail migration
    • Basic setup of Office 365
    • Setup of users, distribution lists, resources and storage


99 SEK per user and month (the online experience)

199 SEK per user and month (includes installed full version of Office 2016/Office Mobile and support)

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Posted on November 11, 2015 in cloud, microsoft, office365, service, Support

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