New microsoft office 365 license level, enter e5!

On December 1st you will be able to buy Microsofts latest Office license plan, Office 365 Enterprise E5. Some of the new features in E5 will also benefit current E1 and E3 customers as well. The E4 license plan will be cancelled but all tenants already invested in E4 will be able to continue on that license plan in the future.

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Read on to find out more about the new features and what they can do for you and your company.

Microsoft first announced E5 back in July even though all new features and changes even if the details were unknown. These are the new features at a glance:

Cloud PBX. A full featured switchboard in the cloud where you can obtain number series from Office 365 or your local carrier. Cloud PBX also offers full integration with the PSTN (standard telephony). It is basically a Lync Server in the cloud. Almost all features come to Sweden from start since Sweden is among the 15 countries who get it first. More countries will follow in the coming months. There is one part of E5 that will only be released in the US, at least to start with, and that is the full PSTN integration. When it comes to that part Microsoft basically goes head-to-head with the local carriers and the implementation can differ quite a lot between the different countries. I imagine PTS will have a say as well before the full E5 implementation gets released here. I don’t think you can expect a full PSTN support in Sweden before the end of 2016 and that is just speculation on my part.

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Power BI Pro and Delve Analytics are two features that will try to uncover new insights using company data. What Microsoft will deliver is a 360-degree view on how information is being used in order to know more about how the company works.

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Finally, there is a lot of security features added and improved. One of the more noteworthy features is that Microsoft want to be more transparent on how Microsoft actually use the company data. Not necessarily on order to prevent Microsoft from using that data though. Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Rights Management and file attachment management get some additional features as well in order to increase security but also to make sure that the company need to spend time on lawsuits something that is more common in the US than here in Sweden.

E1 and E3 get some new features as well. Both get a new feature in Task Management and E3 will get the possibility to create meeting broadcasts.

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