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Are startups becoming a marketing gimmick for corporate events?

I’m thinking about the role we had as a pitching startup at Zoura’s big event Subscribed15 in London. As the finale of the event, there was a “Startup Battle”. Three startups were given a generous 20 minutes each in the spotlight on the big stage, facing an expert panel consisting of Zoura CEO and founder…

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Five trends from an analyst. No 1: Access over ownership – use it!

Last week I attended a very interesting and entertaining presentation by a journalist and analyst of our time Per Grankvist (@pergrankvist) at our neighbour Codesign. He talked very entertaining about five trends we see in our live. I will dig deeper into one of them: Access over ownership. Owning stuff is not as important anymore,…

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4 tips on working from home

PART #1: WORKIN’ IT FROM HOME. Working from home can be tough, but it possible. Technology and mindsets are shifting making it easier. We’ll show you how it is done effectively so it works out for you and your employer. Consider our four tips and you will be good to go. Today many companies say…

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What we’ve learnt from a hundred secretive entrepreneurs

“FIRST TIME ENTREPRENEUR? STOP BEING SECRET ABOUT YOUR IDEA, GET HELP AND LAUNCH” We meet and listen to a lot of entrepreneurs. They come in all forms and shapes, with small ideas and huge ideas. For some people it is just their current idea they are working on, they are the serial entrepreneurs. The people…

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