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Quick survival guide in the age of disruption

You are living and competing in the age of disruption, like it or not. New innovations, business models, markets and value networks are constantly preying on the existing ones, displacing established market leaders and alliances. Read about how to handle the subscription economy Everyday there are new companies born that want to compete on the existing…

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4 steps to avoid data loss when being robbed

We got robbed, and here’s why we almost don’t care The other week we were robbed. It was not some cool hack were they stole valuable data and business secrets. This was a physical theft, a traditional break in. During the night, thieves broke in to our office building, raided two floors and swiped up all laptops…

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Gartner says you need to ramp up your mobile customer service

Customer engagement plays a vital role in today’s business environment. If you cannot engage your customer in the right way, it is likely you’ll lose that customer. Great products and services are of course key, but the surrounding interactions may be equally important. It is like they say, “customers come because of the product, but…

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Tips for working mobile while traveling

WORKING MOBILE, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! PART #2: ON THE MOVE. TRAVEL WORK So you are travelling and are thinking you could or should be more productive during transit? Great, we got some tips for you, but let’s start with some definitions. We’re defining travelling as something you do for a few hours,…

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