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user productivity by tsc – open session

The Service Corporation exists for one reason and one reason only. We strive to create a perfect solution for you and your company so that you can focus on what make your business successful. We do that by working with the greatest technology, give the best service to the end-user and business while we increase…

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TSC launches Simple productivity for 99 SEK/month

Technology and office work just became easier, for everyone. Read about the top 3 news in Office 2016 Now it is easier to deliver on time with high quality. We at The Service Corporation have always wanted to make sure all organizations and individuals can focus on their core business, their purpose, their raison d’etre.…

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Top three news in Office 2016 – What´s in it for me?

Office 2016 is now available to customers and if you are subscribing to the cloud version, Office 365, you can download it right now. These are our three favorite new features: Collaboration on the desktop in real time. For the first time in Office history you can edit Excel and Word files together in real…

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Office 365’s tricky file management – Friend or foe?

One of the most frequent question we get in Office 365 implementations are; How do we manage our files and data? File management in Office 365 can be very confusing and sometimes quite frankly a very bad experience depending on how you use it. Let´s try to make the basics clear. First of all, there…

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