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TSC launches Simple productivity for 99 SEK/month

Technology and office work just became easier, for everyone. Read about the top 3 news in Office 2016 Now it is easier to deliver on time with high quality. We at The Service Corporation have always wanted to make sure all organizations and individuals can focus on their core business, their purpose, their raison d’etre.…

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Gartner says you need to ramp up your mobile customer service

Customer engagement plays a vital role in today’s business environment. If you cannot engage your customer in the right way, it is likely you’ll lose that customer. Great products and services are of course key, but the surrounding interactions may be equally important. It is like they say, “customers come because of the product, but…

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11 tips on how to successfully choose your Customer Support Solution

We have helped and met with loads of companies that need to change their customer service tools. Although there are no identical situations, there is a few steps you could take to improve your success probability.You might need it, because deciding on an important system is hard. Industry experts says that a customer support system…

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Don’t fall on the finish line in the subscription economy

The service interaction ties it all together I’m writing this sitting on an early train to London Gatwick Airport after a full day and night at Zoura’s big event Subscribed15, where we were got a nice 20 minutes on the main stage. It’s event that highlights the new economy (the subscription economy) where the customer…

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