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Our concept Support as a Service will give your users a great experience

When you’re focused on developing your company, TSC’s Support as a Service concept connects all your customer interfaces and takes care of the whole process. Customer service suddenly becomes easy. We take good care of your customers, analyzes data and curls back any product development and sales opportunities to you. Our concepts does not only handle reactive customer support, but works proactively to improve the customer experience and decrease the number of support tickets. This is done through self-improving process, where systems, people and customers are constantly learning.

We got three different use cases for our support concept. (1) Help your dear employees or your beloved customers. If you want to make support part of your offering, then we differ between if it’s your (2) own product or (3) if you are reselling someone else’s, like Microsoft’s Office 365.

Support for Employees (B2E) – help your staff

Cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Box, and Zendesk are becoming standard among the modern companies today. Cloud solutions are continuously updated with no interruption, which usually is a good thing but that calls for constant training as well. We have all the those processes in place to make sure your employees can be productive and focus on their real core. Give your employees the service they deserve.

You should focus on your strengths. Support as a Service is gaining traction due to the fact that more companies realizes they should focus on what they do best. Most companies are actually not IT support companies.

Partner Support (B2B2C/B) – create new product offeringsmobile_sdk_800

For our partners and resellers, we have packaged deals that are very suitable for companies that wants to include monitoring and support in their own offer, but without building the capability internally. We cover platforms and applications put on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. You could view our monitor and support service as another part that you purchase, bundles, markets and sells with a nice margin. The concept is risk free, and creates a triple win. You win, the customer wins and we win.

Product/Customer Support (B2B/B2C) – Get loyalty and recurring revenue

Do you have a great product or service with equally great customers? In a world where customer adoption and retention is becoming key, post-sale support is crucial to stay competitive and keep those customers. Churn and share-of-wallet are expressions more companies are facing when trying to develop a business model with recurring revenue streams.

Make sure you can enjoy that recurring money model, with our service concept integrators – you can embed support and service capabilities straight into your app (natively), site and social media streams (in addition to all standard channels) @theservicecorp #greatservice




Contact us /user/month model
    • Free Setup
    • English/Swedish Support Agents
    • Unlimited Tickets
    • Online Channels
    • Basic Stats
    • Basic Branding


Contact us /user/month model
      • Free Setup
      • Multilingual Support Agents
      • Unlimited Tickets
      • Online Channels
      • Embedded Support in native apps
      • Basic Stats
      • Seamless Branding

Enterprise Edition

Contact us /user/month model
        • Free Setup
        • Multilingual Support Agents
        • All channels (incl social media)
        • Embedded Support/Native Apps
        • Complex Stats and Reports
        • Complex Customization


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