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Our services helps you increase productivity, mobility and decrease cost.

The service includes the right tools, work processes, training and user support, for you to be able to leave your old-school system and see the effectivity rise.

Born in the cloud, we constantly evaluate and chose the best supportive cloud business systems there is. We can offer them to you as customizable turnkey solutions, where we take care of migrations, integrations, onboarding, processes, training and user support. You buy it as a service on subscription and have full control over cost while value and user productivity increases exponentially.

Your staff  will be able to focus on core business, grow ideas and develop products. The surrounding technical environment will scale with you without surprises. The one stop shop for productivity core business focus!

Try how real productivity feels like!

We have put together an all-inclusive package where you get everything you need to increase productivity, get mobile and lower cost, in a very simple and cost-efficient way.

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Only 99 SEK per user and month (the online experience)

Only 199 SEK per user and month (includes installed full version of Office 2016/Office Mobile and support)

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Get started and test your wings for free

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The journey to a more focused, effective and modern organization starts here.

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