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Focus all energy on idea development.
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Launch your Startup with great customer service.rocket

Laser focus on success

As an entrepreneur you have a lot on your plate and we want you to launch successfully! It takes a lot of effort, planning, tears, sweat and late nights to do that. With us you will be able to focus on launching your idea while we create the service model you need to launch, win and retain customers, who will then become loyal brand advocates.

Create an awesome customer experiencemobile_sdk_800

The key to happy customers (a.k.a. recurring revenue) is to deliver a great customer experience. The core product or service must be awesome, but the customer communication is also crucial. People come for the product, but often leave because of the service (if it’s bad).

Support in the right channels

Today customers are everywhere, especially on their smartphones. We make sure you are providing help in channels that suit your audience – email, chat, Twitter, Facebook or smoke signals, we will help them for you. We can embed our support interface seamlessly in your native app or on your site (on the scale plan). Your customers never have to leave your home field to get assistance.

Scales to your needs

Our support service is agile and scalable which makes it possible to crank things up and down according to your needs. We will help you talk to your customers and make sure to catch all valuable intel for you and your business development team.


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