Desktop as a Service

OneWorkplace - a modern way to manage your company's computers

OneWorkplace is a modern service for client management that gives users a safe and updated workplace. We take care of the management of your company’s computers and licenses, including installation, software updates, monitoring, proactive problem solving, and incident management, easing yourinstallation and maintenance efforts. It also includes a user support that relieves your IT personnel. The service is based on the latest technology from Microsoft (Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10). We conduct annual reconciliations with you to present the status of the period and discuss the need for future changes.

Why The Service Corporation?


We provide support for your employees on the computer, operating system and Microsoft applications.


We deliver customized training programs at Microsoft 365 online or at your office


We are partners with Microsoft and help you so that you have the right licenses for your needs.


We help your business introduce an Office 365 solution for secure and reliable data storage and communication. We can also migrate data from other solutions.


We can package and continuously distribute patches and applications so that all users have safe and updated applications with the right versions.


We follow up on how you use your equipment and present reports on security incidents and support utilization on annual reconciliations.

Our Partners

Case Studies

TSC has worked with the political party Miljöpartiet for several years and delivers a managed computer, Windows or MacOS, to the office staff. We provide updates, support and security monitoring.

Miljöpartiet de Gröna

TSC supplies Desktop as a Service to the staff of Academia. The service is based on Microsoft technology.


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